Kick-off of

2021Pambansang Buwan at araw ng Pagbasa


Cuneta Elementary School considered reading as the most important phase in education. Several strategies were introduced to uplift the reading skills of every learner. Last November 5, 2021, CES holds the School based kick-off of 2021 Pambansang Buwan at araw ng Pagbasa with the theme: “Bawat Bata Bumabasa sa Kabila ng Hamon ng Pandemya”.
The program started with the Christian and Muslim prayer, followed by the Philippine National Anthem and Pasay Hymn. Heartwarming opening remarks were given by the School Principal, Mrs. Genalin S. Ong. Presentation of one month long activity was assumed by the Focal Person, Mrs. Ruby Jane M. Satosa. 2022 JCI Perlas Pasay President was the Mystery Reader for the said event. Followed by the storytelling from the primary learner Alexa Jasmin A. Trinidad and Rhianne Agatha C. Feliciano, a storyteller from grade 5. The program ended with closing remarks from Master teacher, Mrs. Eufrocina Melody D. Cortez. This event was hosted by Ms. Aryan T. NIeves


CESeños Elect New Student Leaders

for S.Y. 2021-2022


As they say, “Leaders aren’t born, they are made.” Hence, Cuneta Elementary School develops the skill to become leaders among its pupils through the Supreme Pupils Government. Every year, CESeños elect leaders they deem rightful to represent them, serve as their voice in organizing and carrying out school activities and projects, and coordinate with the different sectors in the school. In this time of pandemic, having a voice for the pupils to air out their concerns and needs are even more so important and still relevant. Thus, the annual election carried on through virtual platforms.

                The election period began on the 12th of October 2021, where all possible candidates were gathered by the SPG coordinator, Ms. Jelly P. Alota and the Election Committee. There, the procedures, requirements, and schedule of the election was discussed. The possible candidates were given a Certificate of Candidacy, Parental Consent Form, and Good Moral Certificate which they need to accomplish to officially file their candidacy. After the candidates filed their COCs, they submitted campaign posters and videos expressing their intention to run for position and their platforms which were posted in the CES-SPG FB page.

                On October 15, 2021; a Meeting de Avance was held to give the candidates a chance to address their schoolmates and convince them to vote for them. The program began at 10:00 AM via Google Meet. It was attended by the pupils and members of the faculty and staff.

                On October 18, 2021; the votes were cast. The pupils were given a link to a Google Form through which they will vote for their intended candidate. Voting was open from 10:00 AM until 12:00 NN.

                On October 20, 2021; the results were out. The winners of this year’s election were announced through the CES-SPG FB page. The winners were as follows:

Kyle Angeli Majerano – President

Ma. Xyrielle Ariza – Vice President

Breseis Celine Adiao – Secretary

Sofia Lorica – Treasurer

John Kennedy Aguilar – Auditor

Prince Daryl Llano – Public Information Officer

Akeisha Elleta – Health Protocol Officer

Sittie Aliyah Bara-acal – Grade 6 Chairperson

Rhianna Agatha Feliciano – Grade 5 Chairperson

Marven Auxtero Jr. – Grade 4 Chairperson

Crishia Javiniar – Grade 3 Representative

Asnairah Elmer – Grade 2 Representative




Cuneta Elementary School held its school-based virtual celebration of World Teacher’s Day in the morning of October 8, 2021 wherein the Faculty Officers headed by Faculty President, Mrs. Melanie Majerano, prepared activities and games for the event. The program started at 8:00 in the morning with the preliminaries and followed by a virtual performance presentation by grade level through a contest judged by Mr. Jun Villaro, the former school clerk. Teachers showcased their talents virtually by making a Tiktok video, singing together using Smule, creating funny and heart touching video, reciting poem together and others. Kindergarten teachers together with the Grade 1 teachers won for having presented the best and funniest performance.

            Another activity is the virtual parlor games in which the teachers played ‘What’s in the box?’. A game wherein the players will guess the items placed inside the box. The game master, Mrs. Melanie Majerano, gave clues for teachers to guess the item. Another game played was ‘Bring Me’ wherein players need to bring or show the desired object asked by the game master, Mrs. Genalin S. Ong, the school principal. First to bring and show virtually the desired object wins. Bring Me is a simple and funny game enjoyed by the teachers virtually as they need to move inside their home to look for the desired objects. Prices were given for every winner.

            CES Teachers enjoyed their virtual celebration of Teachers’ Day. The school-based celebration lasted at 11:00 in the morning as the teachers joined the Virtual Division Celebration of Teachers’ Day in the afternoon wherein it was enjoined by the Division executives, officers, and some celebrities. A lot of prices were prepared by the division office for the raffle draw. Teachers enjoyed the performance of the invited celebrities and even the raffle draw. The program ended at 5:00 in the afternoon.


CES Holds School Readiness Webinar


Cuneta Elementary School held a webinar entitled “Health, Safety and Welfare of Learners, Teachers and Stakeholders in the New Normal” for the school year 2021-2022 last September 7, 2021, at 1:30 PM via Google meet. This aimed to raise awareness and acquaint parents and learners regarding health, safety, and welfare for the upcoming school year.
It started with the ecumenical prayer and was followed by the national anthem. A heartwarming opening remarks was delivered by Mrs. Genalin S. Ong, school head. The first resource speaker was Mr. Mikhail Lawrence Ramrod B. Llorca, RN, MPG, DIH Contract Tracing Head Pasay City Contact Tracing Command Center. He discussed the information and communication materials regarding transmission-based procedures. PEMS. Leo D. Aguila tackled the RA 7610 “An Act Providing for Stronger Deterrence and Special Protection Against Child Abuse, Exploitation, and Discrimination.
The school nurse, Mrs. Esnairah T. Diamla, vividly presented a topic about Health and Safety Preparedness for the opening of classes. Mrs. Melanie E. Majerano, school ICT coordinator, gave a glimpse on how to install MS Teams and how it works. She reiterated that MS Team will be the new platform of online classes for this school year.
The active participation of some CUP alumni in the school project. Brigada Pabasa: Pagpapabasa sa Panahon ng Pandemya (3P’s) was recognized.
Mrs. Ruby Jane Satosa, Brigada Pabasa focal person, applauded their hard work by giving them certificates for their exemplary efforts. And lastly, Mrs. Ma. Cynthia Baido gave her closing remarks.
Dr. Norminah Hadji-Yunnos, OIC –PSDS of Cluster 7 ,gave her message of support in the said event.




To capacitate tutors for CES learners in reading in the new normal and prepare them for the incoming school year; Cuneta Elementary School held the “Brigada Pagbasa: A Webinar for Reading Tutors in the New Normal” last August 20, 2021 at 1:30 PM via Google Meet. The said webinar was attended by the teachers, parents ,guardians of learners and City University of Pasay alumni .It was conducted as part of CES’ Brigada Eskwela 2021 activites. Before the program started, SDO-Pasay  Education Program Supervisor for English, Dr. Imelda V. Boquiren shared her message for the attendees of the webinar.

The school  invited Dr. Nanelyn T. Bontoyan , Senior Education Program Specialist of the Bureau of Learning Delivery as resource speaker who shared her expertise in reading  . Ms. Jelly P. Alota, CES Grade 1 teacher, also imparted her knowledge and experiences in tutoring learners in the new normal. This was followed soon after by a sharing of experiences of two CES Reading Warriors: Mrs. Pilar Villaruel, Grade Five teacher, and Ms. Kimberly J. Vitancor, Grade two teacher.

The program was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Ms. Rose M. Ann Hernandez ,Brigada Eskwela focal person ,Mrs. Ruby Jane M. Satosa , Brigada Pagbasa focal person , teachers and supervised by the Mrs. Genalin S. Ong , school principal.


State of The School Head Address ( SOSA) 

for the SY 2020-2021


Cuneta Elementary School held a yearly State of the School Head Address (SOSA) for the school year (2020-2021) last August 19,2021 via Googlemeet. Parents, learners , teachers and stakeholders were present. This aims to address the achievements of the school amidst pandemic, the KPI indicators, enrollment, about school’s projects and involvement of the stakeholders for the meaningful activities towards the school’s quality. education.
The school head, Mrs. Genalin S. Ong rendered her State Of the School Address. She addressed the school achievements in different fields, giving words of gratitude for everyone in partaking their part in this school year. Ma’am Ong also imparted knowledge in new normal education. Lastly, she also showed gratitude towards the stakeholders . Ma’am Leah O. Bumanlag presented the results of Key Performance Indicators. Followed by the state of school project and achievements.
Ma’am Eufrocina Melody Cortez presented the accomplished research of the following teachers. And Ma’am Saima Liawao as the ALIVE coordinator, presented reports in ALIVE. The Brigada Eskwela coordinator also gave her words of encouragement for everyone to continuously support and also seek stakeholders support.
Ma’am Jelly Alota the Enrollment focal person gave an update about the on-going enrollment and encouraged parents to enroll their children for this school year 2021-2022. And lastly, Mrs. Melanie Majerano , faculty president gave her closing remarks.
Dr. Nornima Hadjiyunnos , OIC—PSDS of Cluster 7 graced the event.




The success of having a quality education lies not only in the hands of the learners but also in the hands of the teachers, parents, stakeholders, and the school staff who work collaboratively to achieve goals. Appreciation and recognition are certainly the things that the school can do to pay off their work, effort, and contribution towards education. With this, Cuneta Elementary School held a virtual GAWAD PAGKILALA ’21 to honor the people behind the success of CES in consistently pursuing quality education on July 23, 2021 at 1:30 pm via Google Meet.

GAWAD PAGKILALA ’21 is an instrument used by the school to express its gratitude and to recognize the role, effort and contribution of the teachers, parents, stakeholders and everyone who helped, supported and contributed invaluable and meritorious effort in the delivery of quality education amidst the pandemic.


 Girl Scout Day @ CES


With the theme: “Girls in Green making a difference in the new normal”, the GSP members, faculty, and staff of Cuneta Elementary School gathered via Google Meet to hold Girl Scout Day @ CES. This was held last June 17, 2021 at 10:00 AM until 11:00. To start the program, Ma. Zhein Jefziel Pereye. led the group in reciting the Girl Scout Law and Alnairah J. Camama led the Girl Scout Promise. This was followed by the singing of the Girl Scout Hymn and the Pasay Hymn. Soon afterwards, the school principal, Mrs. Genalin S. Ong, graced the platform for her opening remarks. Then, Mrs. Rowena H. Cabural and Mrs. Lorena Aliperio, GSP Leaders, discussed the Girl Scout Promise and Law, Knot Tying, and the Hand Signals. After the talk, Dr. Norminah B. Hadji-Yunnos, PSDS of Cluster 7 delivered a short message for the Girls Scouts. This was followed by a closing remarks from Mrs. Eufrocina Melody D. Cortez, Master Teacher 1, which marked the end of the program.


500th Quincentennial of the Victory at Mactan


By virtue of Proclamation No. 1128. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte declared April 27 as a special day throughout the country in celebration of the 500th anniversary or quincentennial of the Victory at Mactan.

The Department of Education (DepEd) enjoined its field offices to join the celebration. DepEd offices and schools nationwide are set to participate in the simultaneous flag-raising ceremonies.

On this day, April 27, 2021, at exactly 8:00 AM. Cuneta Elementary School’s staff, teachers, and school head actively participated in the simultaneous flag-ceremony at the school ground. Ms. Joy Macalla, lead the way for our national anthem. Followed by a short message from our school head Mrs. Genalin S. Ong.

Furthermore, to enrich the celebration, teachers from Kinder to Grade- 6 especially in Araling Panlipunan and Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao conducted their virtual flag ceremony and the discussion of the Victory of Mactan.


1st Quarter NSED 2021



Earthquake is a weak to violent shaking of the ground produced by the sudden movement of rock materials below the earth’s surface. It cannot be predicted but we can prepare for it.

In line with campaign of the Department of Education in equipping the learners, faculty, school personnel and other stakeholders, Cuneta Elementary School conducted its 1st Quarter National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED) last March 11, 2021 at exactly 2:00 in the afternoon. It is to equip the participants with the knowledge, proper attitude and skills on what to when an earthquake occurs. It was participated by our school head Mrs. Genalin S. Ong. limited number of faculty and staff, learners who are at home following the IATF health protocol like wearing of face mask and social distancing while doing the Duck, Cover and Hold position, when the alarm stopped they hurriedly went to the school ground as it was the safest evacuation area in school.


The School Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (SDRRM) coordinator did the head counts, checked if there are casualties and announced the drill was done. The drill lasted fir 1:46. It was the fastest time recorded. She gave emphasis on the significance and beneficial on the said activity


Stakeholders’ Engagement


CES lauded awardees and JCI-Perlas Pasay, launched Project HEART, and conducted Fire Safety seminar during the Stakeholder’s Engagement last March 11, 2021.
At 12:30 PM, the pupils, their parents, the faculty and staff, and stakeholders of Cuneta Elementary School gathered for the virtual event via Google Meet. Mrs. Genalin S. Ong, the school principal, began the program with an opening remarks. This was followed by a message from the PSDS of Cluster 7, Dr. Norminah Hadji-Yunnos.
A certificate of appreciation was granted to JCI-Perlas Pasay for their contribution as sponsor during “The Basics of Teaching Reading at Home” followed thereafter. This was awarded by the focal person of the said seminar-workshop, Mrs. Ruby Jane Satosa. After this, CES recognized ten outstanding learners and sixty active online learners for their infallible dedication to learning during the first quarter. The recognition was led by Mrs. Lorena Aliperio, chairperson of the committee for awards and recognition.
The school based reading intervention program called Project HEART (Honing Expertise of Accountable Reading Tutors) was launched afterwards. Mrs. Melanie Majerano, the focal person of Project HEART for CES, briefed everyone in attendance about the need-to-knows in Project HEART. Following this, Ms. Rose Anne Hernandez, delivered a short talk about Fire Safety Awareness in line with the celebration of the Fire Prevention Month. Afterwards, Mr. Aimron Batua, GPTA President, ended the program with his closing remark.


Celebration of National Women’s Month


In time for this year’s celebration of National Women’s Month with the theme “Juana laban sa Pandemya: Kaya!” which highlights women’s participation in battling the pandemic as well as discusses gender issues exacerbated by the pandemic. It is time to delve deep into gender issues.
On the 1st of March 2021, at 8:00 AM, CES conducted a flag ceremony. After the ceremony, Mrs. Genalin S. Ong, the school principal delivered a short message of encouragement and commendation. Followed by, our Gender and Development (GAD) focal person Mrs. Nelia Amagan who also gave her message. Lastly, the CES staff and teachers strung up the tarpaulin partaking in this women’s celebration.


Livelihood Program – Project ZeDro


As Cuneta Elementary School’s Project Zero Drop-Out (ZeDro) continues, it’s intervention programs commenced. One of the interventions under this project is the Livelihood Program. Through the leadership of Mrs. Eufrocina Melody D. Cortez, Master Teacher I, and Mrs. MaryJoy M. Samarro, Teacher II, CES’ Livelihood Program persisted. This was made possible by the continuous support of the school head, Mrs. Genalin S. Ong, and the school’s stakeholders: Brgy. Capt. Noel Javelosa who shouldered the food for the participants. Some of our parents and school teachers also extended financial support on this program. The program took place on the 27th of January, 2021 at 9:30 AM. 10 parent-attendees were trained by our focal persons in making dishwashing liquid which they will sell. After the training, our guests, Public Schools District Supervisor of Cluster 7, Dr. Norminah Hadji-Yunnos, and EPS-EPP Mr. Ramil Dorol who gave words of encouragement to the attendees. Ma’am Ong also delivered a closing remark. The said program aims to train indigent parents in entrepreneurship which they can apply in providing for their kids’ financial and academic needs. Each parent-attendee received a package of dishwashing kits as their starting capital. The profits will be used in providing their children academic needs which is the mobile data allowance. Through this, they would be able to attend their online classes.


“Teaching of Basic Reading at Home” – Project ZeDro


Cuneta Elementay School’s Project Zero Drop-Out (ZeDro) is recognized as one of the School’s Best Practices in the Division of Pasay City for two consecutive years. One of the interventions under this project is the Reading Intervention Program. Through this, a training entitled “Teaching of Basic Reading at Home” was formed. The said training was held on the 28th of January, 2021 through the organization of the focal persons of the said program, Mrs. Ruby Jane M. Satosa, Teacher III, and Mrs. Gemma A. Galan, Teacher III. This was made possible by the support of the school head, Genalin S. Ong and the school’s stakeholders: Brgy. Capt. Noel Javelosa, for the food, and JCI-Perlas Pasay, for the materials. Some of the school teachers also donated money in support of this. The training took place on the 28th of January, 2021 at 9:30 AM. Three classrooms were prepared for the said event and held 10 parent-attendees with a teacher and facilitator. Health and safety protocols imposed by the Local Government of Pasay and Inter Agency Task Force were strictly observed and implemented in the duration of the training. This training aims to help parents of struggling readers through giving them ideas on how they can help their children learn how to read. The teachers and facilitators who trained them taught them teaching strategies in reading and phonetics. After the training, a word of wisdom was shared by the Public Schools District Supervisor of Cluster 7, Dr. Norminah Hadji-Yunnos.


CES Opens Early Registration for Incoming

SY 2018-2019

by: Acrima S. Labay

In pursuant to the DepEd Order No. 3, s. 2018, or the Basic Education Enrollment Policy, and DO No. 6, s. 2017, or the Multi-Year Implementing Guidelines on Early Registration Cuneta Elementary School officially launches its Early Registration for the incoming school year 2018-2019. This provides opportunities for the Department of Education to address concerns at the start of the school year. The opening was held on CES Multi-Purpose Hall at eight o’clock in the morning. The event was attended by stakeholders of the community.

To start the event, Mrs. Rowena Cabural led the prayer for the Christian while Ustadz Sedic Mago led the Muslim prayer. Mrs. Julieta Ballester then led the singing of the National Anthem.

Current Schoolhead, Mrs. Genalin S. Ong officially started the ceremony by giving her opening remarks. She relayed the objective of the event to the participants and emphasized the need for each Filipino child deserve quality education, thus it should be made accessible to all.

Mrs. Emilia M. Oblianda, Cluster-7 PSDS, gave her message to the audience. She praised them for taking the time to register their children to school and for giving the proper care that each child deserves. After her message, a small intermission number from Kinder Pupils graced the floor.

The Early Registration Focal Person, Mrs. Nelia A. Amagan then explained the purpose of the gathering. She cited the reason why it is important for every stakeholders to participate in school events because it gives them access to know the needs of CES pupils. She also mentioned that it is not only DepEd who will benefit by identifying each learners early but also the school because it makes them better equipped for the incoming school year.

For the closing remarks, Master Teacher Mr. Glenn Lloyd Ybanez addressed the crowd. He expressed the sincerest gratitude of CES community for the community for taking a part of their time to participate in the event. 


Lion’s Club Funded School Wide Feeding Program and Gift Giving

by: Acrima S. Labay

Every child needs proper nutrition to cope up with their academic and extra-curricular activities. Cuneta Elementary School has benefited from  sponsors such s DepEd and Kabisig to enhance its Feeding Program. The school also utilizes the canteen fund for the usage of the said program. However, Cuneta Elementary School still yearns for more concerned stakeholders that would lend their help for the improvement of pupils’ health. Fortunately, Manila Friendship Lion’s Club came to bring further benefits for the Feeding Program.

On December 19, 2017, Manila Friendship Lions’ Club visited Cuneta Elementary School with gifts and humongous food supply that would feed 628 CES pupils which is the total population that covers morning and afternoon shifts. This  The Club members discusses the benefits of the schoolwide feeding program and laid out realistic expectations regarding the partnership. Cuneta Elementary School’s current state was also discussed to analyze further beneficial interventions in the future.

The following members were present on the event: Previous President Mr. Ansong Ong, President Sally Wang, Vice resident Jackie Tiu, President Wen Yong Lim, Secretary Sensen Yang, Treasury Chun Yung Cah, President Yang Yi Shi, Vice President Chun Leh Lim, Treasure Liam He Hong, Secretary Qing Kai Lim, Secretary Qing Kai Lim, Secretary Fang Fang Liv, Vice President Qiung De Hong, President Chao Yang Cah, Hong Lou Shi, Jun Fen Hong, Wang Lu De, Cai Zhizhe, Xiu Za Hua.

Manila Friendship Lions’ Club was also briefed about CES current project called ZeDro. Mrs. Genalin S. Ong presented the goals of the project which is Zero Drop-Out but in order to address the causes of drop-outs, the school must conduct interventions. One of them is Feeding Program. The goals of the Lion’s Club proves to be in line with school as the club aims to help through providing fund for food, health and other necessities for every citizen. The club’s sponsorship covers the feeding program for twenty days. This entails fund for  the School-Based Feeding Program (SBFP) and added number of beneficiaries.

                          After the welcoming of the club’s members, they visited each classroom of  Cuneta Elementary School to personally oversee the feeding program. They started in the classes of Kindergarten and Grade I that were situated on the school’s ground floor. The members entered the classrooms to see each pupils already holding their plate full of food. The pupils verbalized their gratitude by saying their thank you’s to the visitors. The club members were also able to hand out their gifts to the pupils that consists of helpful school supplies.

The members then went to the second floor of the school where they met more eager pupils that wanted to show their gratitude. Each member  had the opportunity of handing out gifts on their own. CES pupils ate joyfully while excitedly receiving the school supplies from the kind sponsors. Afterwards, each class posed for a meaningful picture with all the Lion’s club members.

After each visitation, the club members proceeded to the schools’ Multi-Purpose Hall to be greeted warmly with more CES pupils. Mrs. Genalin S. Ong welcomed the guests officially on her opening remarks. She encouraged them to continue helping because it would mean a lot for the beneficiaries. She also emphasized the importance of the Feeding Program in ensuring that CES pupils are motivated to come to school regularly. By providing fund for the school’s feeding program, the school would be able to cater to more beneficiaries.  At the end of her remarks, she showed a slideshow of the Lion’s club milestones in partnership with CES.

Manila Friendship’s Lion’s Club previous president Lion Ansong G. Ongstood next to greet the audience of pupils and teachers alike gathered in the hall. He discussed the vision and mission of the club regarding helping those in need. He also explained the reason of choosing Cuneta Elementary School and  the impact that the pupils managed to give their members. Through his explanation of the duration of the sponsorship, he was able to assure the CES pupils that the club would continue to support the school’s current project called ZeDro to ensure a zero drop-out at the end of the school year.

 PDG George Ong Tan also expressed his gratitude in return for the warm receive that their club had gotten from CES He started his speech by recognizing the effort of the school community in ensuring the success of the program.  He also gave a brief introduction of the history of Manila Friendship Lion’s Club and their organization structure. Furthermore, PDG George Ong Tan  regarded the CES teachers too by promising them of the club’s help in terms of  vision.  He applauded the efforts of Mrs. Genalin S. Ong in securing sponsors that would help the school goals and promised continuous support for the benefits of CES pupils.

The program ended with the showcase of talents from Grade V and Grade VI pupils. Grade V pupils demonstrated a traditional folk dance called Carinosa while Grade VI pupil sang together to hype the spirit of Christmas. For the closing of the program, Manila Friendship Lions’ club awarded the school with additional fund and give-away t-shirts for the pupils.


CES Monthly Perfect Attendance Award Shows Positive Result

by: Acrima S. Labay

‘Perfect Attendance Awarding Ceremony’ is held every last day of each month. Pupils with perfect attendace for each month will be awarded prizes and a certificate by the principal. The ceremony aims to motivate CES pupils to avoid absenteeism through the use of rewards and incentives in front of the school.

The activity shows a staggering improvement from the first month it was conducted. Starting from January, only 30 pupils were awarded in front of the whole school. This beginning step had introduced the concept to the students and made them aware that attending class every day have its own set of advantages.

The following month of February, the digit increased with a total of 67 pupils with no absences. This was again doubled in March when 96 pupils were awarded by completing the month’s school days. Seeing the result of the awarding ceremony, CES  begun planning intensively on how to increase the funds needed by the event that will not be held every month. Thus, the selling of dishwashing liquid to parents was conceived.

For the school year 2017-2018, the perfect attendance ceremony once again resumed to emphasize the importance of coming to school every day.  From the last school year’s tally, June 2017 listed an increase of 130 from last year’s 96 awardees. As the school garnered more funds, in July, the certificates were paired by small prizes and were given to 267 pupils’ with perfect attendances.

It is not only the pupils who deserves recognition for their efforts but also CES teachers. Those who recorded perfect attendances were also given awards in front of the students in order to portray the significance of perfect attendance.

For the following month, the digit continued to grow more and has recorded 230 pupils who succeeded in having no absences at all. This remains to be the highest recorded data yet as of the writing of this article.

By having all these activities, CES hopes that each pupil will be motivated to grow as productive young members of society. Furthermore, it is not only the pupils’ who needs to see the light in educating themselves better by attending class everyday but also their parents. After all, the parents are the driving force in obligating the pupils’ to come to school every day. CES will continue to do everything that it can in order improve the involvement of every stakeholders in shaping the next generation.


Launching of SBFP Sponsored by Lion’s Club 

by: Acrima S. Labay

Manila Friendship Lion’s club visited Cuneta Elementary School on November 22, 2017 for the launching of Feeding Program sponsored by their association. The event started 9:00 am where the parents of Feeding Program beneficiaries gathered for an orientation on the purpose and goals of School-Based Feeding Program. As an institution of learning, Cuneta Elementary School also addresses the nutritional health of its pupils by encouraging concerned stakeholders. Manila Friendship Lion’s Club fortunately sees that their vision and mission in helping those in need are in line with the schools’ goals.

    The program started with preliminary activities followed by a heartfelt message from school Mrs. Genalin S. Ong. She thanked the visitors in their valuable efforts in helping the pupils of CES in meeting their nutritional needs. She emphasized the importance of the SBFP in ensuring each pupil have more focus percentage in their academics by not worrying about their food. Mrs. Genalin S. Ong also laid out the plans for SBFP through the help of stakeholders such Manila Friendship Lion’s Club.

The following members were present on the event: Convenor Mr. Ansong Ong, President Sally Wang, Vice resident Jackie Tiu, President Wen Yong Lim, Secretary Sensen Yang, Treasury Chun Yung Cah, President Yang Yi Shi, Vice President Chun Leh Lim, Treasure Liam He Hong, Secretary Qing Kai Lim, Secretary Qing Kai Lim, Secretary Fang Fang Liv, Vice President Qiung De Hong, President Chao Yang Cah, Hong Lou Shi, Jun Fen Hong, Wang Lu De, Cai Zhizhe, Xiu Za Hua.

  The PSDS of Cluster-7, Mrs. Emilia M. Oblianda was also present in the launching event. She extended her gratitude to Manila Friendship Lion’s Club too for choosing Cuneta Elementary School as the beneficiary of their charity. She applauded the community by continuously attracting potential stakeholders who would be willing to help hundreds of kids be motivated in a child-friendly environment

The Convenor of Manila Friendship Lion’s Club Mr. Ansong Ong Tan also delivered his message in front of the parents. He explained the objectives of the association and supported the school’s on-going project called Project ZeDro. He relayed the story of hearing one of the intervention that Project ZeDro implements which is Feeding Program that was fortunately in line with the services they offer. He also mentioned bringing eye health program to the school where pupils and teachers’ alike could benefit from.

The current school nurse, Ms. Esnairah Diamla discusses next the current nutrional status of CES pupils. She also gave a background on the purpose of SBFP in improving the health of every pupil. The club members also donated Php 7,000 to a Grade I pupil that needed financial help for her national competition to be held in Cebu. They then proceeded to the feeding program that was currently taking place on the school’s canteen. They were able to observe the proceedings of the program and were introduced to the pupils.



by: Elrick L. Cacayurin

 Cuneta Elementary School bags numerous award during the recently concluded 2017 EPP – TLE Technolympics held at Timoteo Paez Elementary School (Division Level) last September 7, 2017 and in Las Piñas City (Regional Level) last September 22, 2017 respectively.


CES Teachers Enhances their Skills on Semestral INSET

by: Acrima S. Labay

In line with DepEd Order No. 25, s. 2017, Cuneta Elementary School conducts a Semestral Break In-Service Training to help CES teachers in equipping them with necessary skills needed for teaching 21st Century Learners. The event officially started on October 23, 2017 at 8:00 in the morning. CES teachers are expected to attend this five-day seminar to address andtailored their needs which focuses on traits and skills needed to meet strategic objectives.

CES teachers participated in an open forum to give tips and methods that they can use for each subject matter. Each teacher from each subject gave their own perspectives in teaching their own subjects. This helped CES teachers understand the possible techniques used for every subject since there is always a possibility for shift in teaching subjects each year.

INSET is essential in providing an update on modern methodologies, issues and trends in Education. CES teachers are able to develop not only their teaching skills but also build their camaraderie with their colleagues.


CES Celebrates World Teacher’s Day 

by: Acrima S. Labay

“One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher, can change the world”. Teaching is not just a service, profession or a job. It is a pillar of the society. Every teacher shall manifest genuine enthusiasm and pride in teaching as a noble calling. The influence of a teacher can never be erased and it lasts for a lifetime.

In accordance with the Synchronized Programs, Projects and Activities of DepEd Memorandum No. 137, s 2017, all schools shall actively participate in the 2017 National Teachers’ Month and National Teachers’ Day/World Teachers’ Day Celebrations from September 5 to October 5, 2017 with the theme “Gurong Pilipino Kaakbay sa Progreso”.

On October 5, 2017, Cuneta Elementary School (CES) successfully implemented the closing of the said remarkable celebration. Teacher participated in various culminating activities that celebrates their importance in education. CES pupils and parents  were also involved in these activities to make them appreciate the roles of their teachers.


CES  Holds Training for Dish Washing Liquid Making

by: Acrima S. Labay

     Parents plays a huge role in pupils’ education. Children learn all their first steps from  their parents. From walking to producing familiar words, parents are there to guide them. In order to bring parents’ closer to the school community, Cuneta Elementary School came up with numerous proactive activities that aims to close the gap between school and pupils’ home. With partnership with the GPTA Officers, CES conducted a training on dish washing liquid making on September 5, 2017. This project aims to create a livelihood program that will benefit CES pupils.

Headed by Focal Person, Lorena A. Aliperio and Assistant Focal Person John D. Liban, Project ZeDro (Zero-Dropout) came to life. The project aims to identify the major causes of CES dropouts and hopes to address it with innovative intervention. With the support of  current school head, Genalin S. Ong, Project ZeDro became the center of CES ongoing project for pupils’ overall improvement in their academic and individual skills.

Through this project, CES Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) came up with a livelihood program that will give financially challenged parents a training on how to produce dishwashing liquid. The principal invited a skilled speaker from the dishwashing industry to teach parents necessary steps in making the product. She also gave tips and reasonable price range in which the dishwashing could be sold for.

The PTA came up with a plan to also reproduce dishwashing liquid in order to fund the Project ZeDro. Volunteered parents also came up to help in mass producing said product. CES teachers showed their support for the project by lending their hours in helping parents.


CES Holds PTA General Assembly

by: Eufrocina Melody D. Cortez

     Cuneta Elementary School held its General Parent’s Teachers Association assembly last August 19, 2017, 8:00 am at the multipurpose rooms. The venue was filled with parents of CES pupils from Kindergarten to Grade Six. After the singing of the national anthem and the doxology, Mrs. Genalin S. Ong, principal, formally opened the program and welcomed the parents. She formally presented the new set of the PTA Officers for the SY 2017 – 2018.

          Mr. Eduardo M. Rebucas spoke about the different kinds of Sports, their purpose and benefits to the athletes of CES. Mrs. Ruby Jane M. Satosa talked about the goal of Journalism. She also mentioned the different categories like News Writing, Science News Writing, Sports Writing, Copy Reading, Editorial, Photo Journalism, Cartooning and Feature Writing.Mrs. Gemma A. Galan presented the Boy Scout of the Philippines (BSP) and Girl Scout of the Philippines (GSP) as the two active group in Scouting. Mr. Jonas S. Oja gave the statement of purpose of being a member of the Red Cross Youth. Mr. John D. Liban discussed the project Zero Dropouts (ZeDro) and the interventions needed to address the problem of drop-out rate. The canteen manager, Ms. Ludilyn V. Senagan gave a report about the canteen operation. She asked the parents to support the canteen by letting their children to patronize the food sold in the canteen. Ms. Esnairah Diamla talked about the School-based Immunization Program and Deworming Month implementation.

          The Principal, Mrs. Genalin S. Ong explained the DepEd Order 41 s. 2012 – The Revised Guidelines on the Opening of Classes. Accordingly, the implementing policies on the collection of voluntary school contributions (VSCs) shall be strictly observed. No fees shall be collected from school children in Kindergarten up to Grade 4 anytime during the School Year. No fees shall be collected from Grade 5 pupils up to High School students from June to July. However, starting August until the end of this School Year, the membership/contribution on BSP, GSP, Philippine National Red Cross, Anti-TB Fund Drive, PTAs, School Publication and membership on pupil/student organizations may be collected only on a voluntary basis.

          Mrs. Melody D. Cortez explained the DepEd Order No. 43, s. 2012 which contains the Guidelines on the Implementation of Executive Order No. 66 (Prescribing Rules on the Cancellation or Suspension of Classes and Work in Government Offices Due to Typhoons, Flooding, Other Weather Disturbances, and Calamities).  The presentation of the GPTA project plan was delivered by the newly elected GPTA President, Mrs. Helen D. Medios. Some of the proposed projects include the installation of CCTV Camera and to support the programs, projects, and activities of the school.

          The meeting was adjourned after Mrs. Medios delivered her closing remarks.


CES Launches Project ZeDro

by: Acrima S. Labay

   “Every child deserves a champion” said Rita Pierson. This is the driving force behind the conception of Project ZeDro (Zero-Dropouts) which hopes to address the dropout rate of Cuneta Elementary School. Project ZeDro was launch on July 7, 2017 with the facilitation of Focal Person, Lorena A. Aliperio and Assistant Focal Person John D. Liban through the support of current school head, Mrs. Genalin S. Ong. Gathering a variety of stakeholders in the Multi-Purpose room of the school, C.E.S presented a project that will save pupils from leaving the school with the whole community as a champion.

The event started with an opening ceremony of prayers and singing of the National Anthem. Mrs. Genalin S. Ong welcomed and thanked all attendees to officially start the event. She explained the purpose of the activity and why it is important for all sectors of the community to take part in it. With determined voice, she insisted the seriousness of obliging pupils to come to school and discourage absenteeism. 

This was followed by an intermission number under the guidance of Araling Panlipunan teachers Mr. Jonas S. Oja and Ms. Acrima S. Labay. Pupils from combined grade levels sung “It takes a Village” in front of the visitors which consisted of parents, barangay personnel, policemen and interested stakeholders. The student performed an interpretative dance of the song and asked the stakeholders to light their candles to signify their importance in the education.

To precisely define what Project ZeDro is, Focal Person Mrs. Lorena Aliperio took the stage. She presented actual digits of the school’s enrollees from SY 2014-2017 and the annual dropout rate. She then proceeded in connecting this small digit to the disadvantages the whole nation will suffer. “People without education are unable to get a job and more likely to spend their lives jobless and or on government assistance. These pupils often struggle with poverty, abuse and neglect in their homes.” She said. For this reason, she defined the role of Project ZeDro in offering several interventions to prevent dropouts.

Mr. John D. Liban, assistant focal person, proceeded in explaining what interventions the school can offer and the role of all stakeholders. He begun by enlisting several causes that PARDO (Pupils’ At Risk of Dropping Out) are experiencing. He mentioned poverty, poor nutritional status, family problem, and distance of school from home, source of income, poor academic performance, cultural adjustments, and lack of interest in studies or repeaters. In order to fully address so many causes, he demonstrated distinct interventions that may provide help and assistance to these pupils. These included interventions like home visitation, educational assistance, awards and incentives and many more. To end his speech, he declared that all these interventions will only come to fruition if every member of the community lends their support.

The event came close to end by finally introducing the new officers of the General Parents’ Teachers Association. Newly elected president Mrs. Helen Medios expresses her determination in lending al that she can to help Project ZeDro by proposing an activity which all parents and teachers can join and bring fund to the project. Together with the other officers, they took their oathtaking in front of the crowd headed by Genalin S. Ong.

Mrs. Genalin S. Ong officially ended the event by reminding all stakeholders that every child deserves a chance and support. She stresses the fact that children might not realize yet how important education is and it is everyone’s responsibility to make them realize it. She mentioned her role as a parent and how much support and encouragement matters to a child. Highlighting the ongoing Perfect Attendance Awarding every month, she emphasized the staggering number in which only 30 students were awarded on the first month it was held and now more than a hundred are receiving their certificates every month.

To demonstrate the stakeholders’ commitment in the project, they signed their names on the tarpaulin before exiting the multi-purpose room. Through everyone’s support, Project ZeDro will do its best in securing every pupil’s future. It is not only the teachers who have major roles in pupil’s performance in school but also everyone in their social environment partakes in honing them.



CES Students Celebrate the 119thAnniversary of the Declaration of Independence Day

by: Acrima S. Labay

In commemoration with the 119th Independence Day with the theme “Kalayaan 2017: Pagbabagong Sama-samang Balikatin”, CES pupils enjoyed a monthlong celebration of fun and stimulating activities that demonstrates their patriotism.  Headed by the Araling Panlipunan Coordinator, Mr.  Jonas Oja and AP Teacher, Ms. Acrima Labay with the support of their current School Head, Genalin S.  Ong, an array of activities was prepared to give pupils opportunities to express their love of country in different forms. The activities consisted of a unified Flag Ceremony, Poster and Slogan Making Contest, Quiz Bee and a Culminating activity. The event was held solely in Cuneta Elementary School.

The first activity was a unified Flag Ceremony to participated by pupils of all grade level to revere the Philippine Flag. In order to facilitate every grade level, the committee planned a temporary ground accommodation for the students while an on-going construction on school ground happens. Current School Head, Mrs.  Genalin S. Ong welcomed CES students for the event and stressed the importance of celebrating the Independence Day.

The second activity was a slogan and poster making contest and was held on June 21, 2017. The participants came from Grade Four to Grade Six. They were given the theme of the event and mechanics that they should base their works on. Mr. Jonas Oja and Ms. Acrima Labay facilitated the event with the help of the pupils’ advisers to ensure the contest proceeds smoothly. The winners of the event were Kyle Andrei Espanola from Grade VI-Rizal for Slogan and Chlotair De La Cruz from Grade VI-Rizal for the poster.

On June 27, 2017, Mr. Jonas Oja and Ms. Acrima Labay gathered six pupils each from Grade Three to Grade Six to participate in a Quiz Bee with questions centered on important facts about the Independence Day. The event was held in the ICT room. Each PUPIL was grouped into six consisted of every grade level to give students opportunities to connect with the lower and higher grade levels. For the winners, the two advisers chose three groups that won the 1st place to 3rd place.

To give emphasize on the purpose of the activities, a culminating event was arranged in the room of Grade Three and Grade Five and was attended by the pupils. Master of Ceremony, Ruby Jane Satosa welcomed each student and explained the purpose of the activity and was followed by the current school head, Mrs. Genalin S. Ong who gave an opening speech on why Independence Day was celebrated every year.

Different grade levels participated in the culminating event and chose a particular activity that expresses reverence for the Independence Day. The first group was from Grade Three with the leadership of their two advisers, Mrs. Julieta Ballesteros and Mrs. Leah Bumanlag. Grade Three students endeared the audience through their Acrostics of the word ‘Kalayaan’.

The next one to perform was from Grade Four-Carinosa with the leadership of Ms. Acrima Labay and with the support of their classroom adviser Mrs. Lorena Aliperio. Grade Four students earned a staggering clap from the audience with their speech choir. The last group came from the Grade Six level under the training of Mr. Jonas Oja. They awed the audience with their intricate dance interpretation of the “Handog ng Pilipino’ song.

After each group performed, Mrs. Genalin S. Ong awarded the winners of the Slogan and Poster Making contest. The 1st place winners to 3rd place winners were also given certificates to accentuate their participation. The event ended with Mr. Jonas Oja and Ms. Acrima Labay’s speech who thanked everyone for their active participation in the culminating activity.

The monthlong-activity stressed the need that each Filipino should celebrate the Independence Day by remembering every Hero that fought for freedom. There are so many forms of arts inspired by the Independence Day and it is heart-warming to see CES pupils contribute to its long list. Despite the on-going construction that hindered all CES students to participate, all school personnel helped in ensuring the event still happens. This reflects the event’s theme of helping each other to overcome any challenges.



CES Students Enhances their Writing Skills on a Workshop

by: Acrima S. Labay

It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way – Ernest Hemingway. This is true for CES students who had been chosen to partake on the Journalism Training. Although they have shown potential in writing, they still have a long way to go for them to truly craft their writing styles. It was for this reason that the School Head, Mrs. Genalin S. Ong together with CES teachers conducted the Young Journalist Training on June 24, 2017 in order for the students to enhance their writing skills in preparation for the upcoming Journalism Competition. The training started at 8:00 o’clock am and ended at 12:00 o’clock pm.

A speaker from Pasay City East High school lend her expertise on Journalism Training. She is known for training numerous students who won several awards in the competition. For the start of the training, she motivated the students by demonstrating the importance of news. She then proceeded to discussed the kinds of lead that the students may write for a news. This created an understanding for the students on the purpose of a well-written Headline.

In the latter part of the training, the students were given several exercises to engage them in writing critically. They needed to extract key parts from a news to create their own Headlines and lead. They were given writing activities that would practice their gained knowledge from the training. Each of the students were monitored closely not only by the speaker but by CES Teachers too that were present for the event. The students actively participated in the workshop by raising their own questions and writing promising leads.

CES students may still be adjusting to the start of the school year but they have shown passion in venturing to other areas outside the classroom. They are willing to work hard to give pride for their school and grow as lifelong learners. CES teachers will continue to support and create more opportunities for students to develop their skills and


CES Teachers Engage in Summer INSET

by: Acrima S. Labay     

 “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” said Henry Ford. This is an irrefutable truth that the teachers in Cuneta Elementary School live by. Their belief in staying at the top of their teaching game shined brightly when they participated in the In-Service Training Program with the theme “Enhancing Teachers’ Competencies: Meeting the Needs of 21st Century Learners” held in Cuneta Elementary School ICT room and a two-day seminar joined with other schools in Pasay City Cluster 7-South District. Headed by the Event Chairperson Mr. Elrick Cacayurin and Co-Chairperson Mrs. Leah Bumanlag with the support of their current Principal, Mrs Genalin S. Ong, CES teachers actively particpated in the five-day event from May 29 to June 2, 2017.

In pursuant to DepEd’s requirement, all teachers should participate in a five-day In-Service Training to better equip them with skills needed to grow personally and develop professionally. It was with these thoughts that CES planned its Summer In-Service Training composed of different topics that would enhance their knowledge about teaching. The In-Service training covered an array of issues concerning 21st Century learners and how to approach their learning styles.     

Each session started at eight o’clock in the morning and finished at five o’clock in the afternoon. For the first day, former teachers welcomed new teachers to the school and was given intensive orientation. This also reinforced school rules to everyone present in the event. CES Principal Mrs. Genalin S. Ong welcomed everyone for the weeklong training and gave orientation on topics teachers should expect. She covered several topics ranging from ‘Code for Professional Ethics’ which refreshed CES teachers on their responsibilities and obligations as educators to “Accountabilities of School Personnel Towards Learners” and of “Personnel Action”.

The second day welcomed speakers from different sectors of the Pasay City Division Office. CES teachers listened with rapt attention as one of their colleague Mrs. Lea D. Bumanlag explained “Issues and Concerns on Learners Information System (LIS) which taught them how to enroll their students in the system. They were introduced next to the “Basics of Microsoft Publisher and PowerPoint” by Mrs. Ma. Amor Reyes that would help CES teachers prepare their Instructional materials easier and more engaging. In the afternoon session, Ms. Irenea Loresca, a teacher from VABES, discussed “Utilizing Technology in an Interactive Classroom Setting” to train CES teachers to create fun and modernized classroom activities.

On the third day, Mrs. Myrna B. Martino, OIC-PSDS of Cluster 1 resolved CES teachers repeated need for Grammar and Communication clarifications in her talk about “Enhancing Teachers’ Skills in Written/Oral Communication”. In the afternoon, Mrs. Chiradee O. Javiniar, a PCSciHS Teacher introduced CES teachers to the novelty of an “Action Research/BERF Format”. She clarified the procedures and importance of research and its role in understanding learners better.

For the fourth day, CES teachers went to Maricaban Elementary School to assemble with other schools in Cluster 7-South District. This demonstrates the willingness of Pasay City teachers to work together in order to supplement each other’s weaknesses and highlight their strengths. Dr. Rolando Montes speech about “Inclusive Education” awakened another fire in CES teachers to be more vigilant when it comes to their students’ special needs. Dr. Rolando stretched the importance of accepting every kind of learners no matter the hindrances from the part of the teacher. To strengthen this topic even more, Marybeth Fajilagmango, a PNSD Teacher taught the assembled teachers the basics of Sign language. This better equipped the teachers when it comes to handling special cases.

The last day reserved the topic for Mathematics, a subject that not only causes headache for students but also to most teachers. Next was Mrs. Emilia Oblianda who gave an intensive discussion about “The Concept of Number and Counting” and “Place Value and the Decimal System”. On the other hand, Mr. Ruben “Benjie” C. Peralta  gave his thoughts on “Identifying Children with Additional Needs Inside the Classroom”.  To end the seminar, teachers gained important skills as Mr. Roger Junio talked about “Common Math Difficulties” and how teacher can better be prepared for them..

Before the awarding of certifications, Mrs. Genalin S. Ong reminded the teachers of the content of D.O. no. 13, series of 2017 about the “Policy and Guidelines on Healthy Food             and Beverage Choices in Schools”.  This was especially helpful in ensuring teachers not only pay attention to their teaching methods but also to be alert when it comes to students’ health.

The five-day seminar proved to be a treasure for CES teachers as they welcome the opening of classes. The world is changing, as our learners. The shortcomings that momentarily planted doubts in their heads were resolved by numerous talks on how to better deal with millennial learners. Teachers are forever students and it was through this training that they gathered all the skills necessary to adapt to our changing learners.


CES Participates in Brigada Eskwela 2017

by: Acrima S. Labay

As one saying, ‘where there is unity there is always victory’. This short but powerful line may sum up CES successful implementation of DepEd Brigada Eskwela for the SY 2017-2018 held last May 15 to 22, 2017 with the theme “Isang DepEd Isang Pamayanan, Isang Bayanihan Para sa Handa at Ligtas na Paaralan”.

It was an activity that CES has proven once again the relentless support of the vital components of any given schools. Its stakeholders and education partners  represented by previous pupils, parents, barangay, local public officials, NGO’s and private sectors.CES is lucky enough that even it is categorized as a small school and it does not have plenty prominent-tuned-out alumni, it has been blessed every year with generous and kind hearted individuals.

This endeavor became truly remarkable due to the powerful collaboration of school administrator, personnel, stakeholders, pupils  and parents who generously extended their service and time to response to the needs of CES.

Araw ng Pagtatalaga 2016

by: Ma. Pilar R. Villaruel

The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts Investiture of Cuneta Elem School was held last December 6, 2016. The said activity spearheaded by the two leader of BSP and GSP Mr. Eduard M. Rebucas and Mrs. Lorena A. Aliperio. The activity was actively participated by the pupils, parents and teachers of CES.

2016 Regional Schools Press Conference

by: Ma. Pilar R. Villaruel

Esthia Pauleen D. Medios a young lass of grade five won 6th place in Collaborative and Desktop Publishing Elementary Level- Filipino Category during the 2016 Regional Schools Press Conference held at Valenzuela City on December 5th, 2016. Medios was trained by Mr. Elrick C. Cacayurin.

  Parents Engagement for NAT Preparation

by: Ma. Pilar R. Villaruel

Grade VI Parents Engagement for NAT Preparation for the S.Y.: 2016-2017 was held at Cuneta Elementary School last November 25, 2016. The aim of this orientation was to appeal the cooperation of parents in the coming National Achievement Test.


by: Ruby Jane M. Satosa

Chlotair P. De La Cruz a grade five pupil bagged  the championship in EPP-TLE Technolympics  in ICT-Category with Simple Animation last November 11, 2016 at STI Pasay Rotonda, EDSA Pasay City. He represented  the division of Pasay on December 6, 2016 in 2016 Regional EPP Skills Competition at Concepcion Elementary School Marikina City.

1st General Assembly Together with the New OIC – Principal  

by: Ruby Jane M. Satosa

November 6, 2016 , the first General Assembly of Parents Teachers Association of Cuneta Elementary School and marked as the first meeting of the new OIC Principal Mrs. Genalin S. Ong with the parents.

National Reading Month Celebration

by: Elrick L. Cacayurin

Reading is a starting step of many things, which build a more solid stairs for you to climb up achieving something big. “With reading you can self-teach and self-discover”.

The best way to learn is to read. There are hundreds of book that will teach you anything you want to learn. Books contain so much knowledge that waits to be released. Reading exposes you to a world of imagination, showing you nothing is impossible in this world. By reading, you are exploring a different angle to see a thing you’ve known, on how different action leads to different results. Books are beyond imagination. It creates a structured path towards a better understanding and better actions to take in the future.

Every learning foundation considered reading as the most important chapter in education. Several strategies were introduced to uplift the reading skills of every learner. The Department of Education gave special emphasis on reading. They commenced November as the celebration of National Reading Month. Special programs were even implemented to highlight the significance of reading process.

In furtherance, Cuneta Elementary School celebrates reading month with the theme“    NASA PAGBASA ANG PAG-ASA”. The school had Character Parade on November 4, 2016. It was participated by the respective community officials such as Barangay Chairman and their Kagawads , Police officers and the ever supporting parents. After the      parade, reading activities followed, such as Story Telling for the primary lead by Mrs. Ruby Jane M. Satosa and Mrs. Ma. Pilar R. Villaruel for the intermediate. Thereafter, ribbon cutting was headed by our highly respected principal Mrs. Ma. Liza P. Cabildo together with the District 3, Cluster 7 Supervisor Mrs. Emilia Oblianda. The program started at 7:30 a.m and ended at 9:30 a.m. Regular classes were observed right after the above-mentioned activity.