In 1946 Cuneta Elementary School used to be an annex of Jose Rizal Elementary School together with P. Villanueva Elementary School after the World War II in 1946.

In 1968, Mrs. Maria B.  Alcantara took charge of the two small schools until they finally became two independent schools in 1970. Cuneta Elementary School was first managed by Mrs. Solidad Andrada followed by Mrs. Marcosa Espiritu and Mrs. Aida Cornejo. Other principals who served the school were Mrs. Natalia Acierto, Miss Aleth Ramirez, Mrs. Salvacion Surnillo, Mr. Eduardo Lopez, Mrs. Emma lligan, Mrs. Aquilina San Juan, Mrs. Milagros Ignacio, Mrs. Jeansy Naniong, Mrs. Myrna M. Sarmiento,Mrs. Edith V. Flora, Mrs. Caridad L. Calaycay, Mr. Rodulfo Tirol, Mrs. Farida Lourdes A. Amping, Mr. Romy P. Socao, Mrs. Emilia M. Oblianda, Mrs. Ma. Liza P. Cabildo and the present school head Mrs. Genalin S. Ong.

Cuneta Elementary School is a diverse school that aims to unite both Christians and Muslim learners. The school caters the educational needs of Barangay 77, 78, 79, 145 and its neighboring barangays committed to produce morally upright, value­ oriented, healthy and productive citizens. The school is also committed to develop learners’ potential to the maximum that will make them functionally literate, globally competent and responsive to the needs of others and to the community where they belong by providing them quality and relevant education.

Cuneta Elementary School (CES) adopted its name in 1972. Back then, it was situated in Cuneta Avenue. Eventually in 1992, the school acquired its new two­ storey building in Park Avenue Extension which has 1,479.57 sq. meter lot and a stone-throw from Baclaran Shopping Malls.

For the time being, CES utilizes its 4storey building  with 12 classrooms. Adjacent to this constructed building. With a total of 36 classrooms in all. And another building with 8 classrooms is now under construction along with soon to rise covered court. This is a project of the Local Government of the City of Pasay headed by Mayor Imelda Calixto-Rubiano and Congressman Antonino G. Calixto.