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The school is located at Barangay 77 in the heart of Baclaran which is surrounded by residential and commercial establishments. Its source of power and water are supplied by Meralco and Maynilad respectively. All kinds of land transportation are available in the place.

The imam calls believers to pray five times daily using a loud speaker within the area.  During the holy month of Ramadan, most Moslem pupils are sleepy inside the classroom because their families are usually awake at nighttime.  It is normal for the female pupils to use “combi” or the “tirong” to cover their hair and neck while the boys use ‘tutub” or “kuppya” to cover the top head. Fanatic women/mothers use black long gown from head to foot covering the face with only eyes are seen (Jokingly, pupils call them “ninja”).

All members of the family must work for a living at any cost. And these very people become lazy to undergo student lifestyle where they have to do home works and buy uniforms, shoes and school materials.  They rather find food instead of trying to read books and compute numbers that they could not eat. The results of this ill belief are: drug abuse, bullying, extortion, bad influence of fraternities and brotherhood, robbery and stealing. These groups are already settled in the community with unfavorable but stable livelihood. There are syndicates of matured/older ones who try to influence young generations (starts at high school/teenagers and elementary pupils) to be their heir.  These are the people who become the liabilities of Pasay City. It is hoped that with the initiatives of the school in coordination with the barangays’ key people, this situation will eventually be solved.


Five new sets of Barangay Officials were elected last May 9, 2016.

Two Barangay Chairmen were re-elected together with some of their councilors. Though Barangay 79 has a Muslim leader, they are all cooperative when it comes to school activities. Of the barangays in the catchment area Barangay 145 has the highest population. This can be predicted in the number of voting electorates who reached at 4,182. Barangay 77, 78, and 79 have 1,340, 786 and 1,703 registered voters respectively.


The school building is within the area of Brgy. 77 surrounded by Baclaran Shopping Malls. This year, demolitions were done along Roxas Blvd. forcing our clientele to transfer their residences, thereby giving rise to our school leavers. Added to these situations are the off-and-on conflicts in Mindanao that contribute to the irregular enrollment of the school.

Cuneta Elementary School is fronting Brgy. 79 and is a part of Barangy 77. At the back is Barangay 78 which is surrounded by newly constructed shopping malls at Baclaran. In the south, it is bounded by Baclaran, Parañaque, in the east by Sto. Niño and Taft Avenue Extension. It is delimited by Macapagal Boulevard and Harrison Extension in the west and in the north by Park Avenue, Edsa and Cuneta Aveñue. The school is also near the LRT station of Baclaran withstanding facts that video games and computers are hidden.  Karaoke and DVD movies are familiar sights on Taft Ave. Ext. where watching is uncontrollable for the bystanders.


Economically the community itself can sustain the life in the city because of the promising business that is easy to establish especially the Muslim poor group who are supported by the wealthy ones. They allow them to sell products by consignment. They have that social culture of helping each other to become vendors, too because male Muslims are usually banned in offices and establishment of private companies.  Many wealthy establishments are just around the corner but businessmen and even some public servants in local units would not adopt the school knowing that 50% learners are Muslims. They would not make any comment about it because they live with them for business. But still, few families unfortunately cannot rent a house forcing them to sleep on sidewalks and along Taft Ave. center aisle and corridors/hallway of Baclaran Mall.  Most of these are broken families and Christians. These are the children mostly not allowed by their parents to go to school to help the family sustain their daily needs. They help their parents by selling plastic bags and taking care over their commodities. Community businessmen are wealthy Chinese and Koreans, Filipino Moslems and Christians.

It can be gleaned from the data gathered that the residents of the community have jobs but there is the presence of settlers who have to strive hard for their existence. There is a considerable number of household below poverty and food threshold.