About Us

 The Department of Education has exhausted its means to bring out positive change in the educational system. This was done in a decentralized setup but with one common vision, mission, goals and objectives to be attained

Cuneta Elementary School is a Child Friendly School.  It  aims to  unite  both  Christian  and  Muslim  learners  and  caters   the  educational  needs  of  Brgy. 77, 78, 79, 145 and its neighboring barangays.  It is  committed  to  produce  morally  upright,  value-oriented, healthy  and  productive  citizens; develop  their  potentials  to  the  maximum  that  will  make  them  functionally literate, globally  competitive  and  responsive  to  the  needs  of  others  and  to  the  community  where  they  belong  by  providing  them  quality and  relevant  education.

The principal, teachers and other stakeholders are empowered to strengthen partnership to produce graduates who are fully equipped for the 21st century education.