Junior Chamber International Philippines Perlas Pasay has always been a strong support for Cuneta Elementary School for the entire school year of 2017-2018. As such, their mission to spread awareness for their latest project called Project Pen is met with enthusiasm and sincerity. On May 31, 2017, fourth day of the weeklong Brigada Eskwela, JCI Perlas Pasay with JCI Manila visits CES to talk about the advocacy of Project Pen as well as offer comprehensive discussion about Communication Skills, Financial Literacy and Networking. The event was held in CES old building ICT room. It was attended by volunteers, teachers, pupils and non-teaching personnel.

Two events were simultaneously done on the same time. The first one was the JCI Training for teachers, volunteers and non-teaching staff in which they learned the importance and complexities of effective communication skills. Mr. Vince Capistrano started his talk with a fun relay the message game before jumping unto the different forms of communication. He emphasized the differences between communicating with people in hierarchy form and offered techniques on how to relay message effectively.

To provide insights on Financial Literacy, Ms. Feona Gumabao shared her expertise on the subject. She broke down the foundation of Financial Education and its components. By sharing a general perspective on how to save money, Ms. Gumabao encouraged the audience to know the strategies in spending less and saving more. She offered a structured system on how employees could separate their income and save for the unforeseen future.

Next was the JCI Perlas Pasay President herself, Mrs. Mafe Pastorpide. She clarified issues regarding Networking and helped the participants understand its very concept. She also encouraged them to build an effective and reliable network of prople who can help them rise in the long run.

At the same time the event was being held, another workshop was taking place in the new building which was attended by CES Pupils. Mr. Toribio joined the pupils for a fun filled morning of storytelling, sharing of personal experiences both at home and school, impromptu drawing activity and various games which the pupils expressed excitement. Later, the pupils were given free lunches for their participation.

The closing ceremony was done by JCI Perlas and Manila headed by Mrs. Pastorpide. They gave the attendees certificates to validate the training given by them. The school also awarded certificates to the guest speakers and both JCI Pasay and Manila to recognize their exemplary efforts in participating in Brigada Eskwela.

In the afternoon, Microtel visited the school with the Learning Kiosk that the BE Committee has submitted a project proposal for. The Learning Kiosk aims to provide accessible learning materials to enhance pupils’ learning. Microtel delivered these Learning Kiosk with kind-hearted hearts and with donated books from the charity they had raised on their. The Learning Kiosk was displayed at CES new building and placed at the end of floor’s hallway.

Mr. Masbod also came to the school with sets of Lapel/Portable Microphones. According to him, the donations came from his the shared effort of his organization. The donated materials will help teachers’ in addressing the noises coming outside the school due to the current renovation going and be heard in clearer voices inside the classroom.

For the classroom’s preparation, ALS students volunteered to help repair and repaint desks, armchairs and chairs. The hallway from first to third floor was finally cleared of obstruction while the fourth resumed re-painting.