“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” said Hellen Keller. This much is true when it comes to the teamwork the community needs to sustain in order to build a conducive learning environment. In line with the DepEd Memorandum No. 066, s. 2018, Cuneta Elementary School held its Brigada Eskwela 2018 Kick-Off on May 28, 2018 held in the its new school ground. Brigada Eswela 2018 hopes to bring the community closer in preparing the school for the coming SY 2018-2019.

The event started with a parade headed by School Head, Mrs. Genalin S. Ong, CES Brigada Eskwela Chairperson Mr. Elrick L. Cacayurin and Co-Chairperson, Mrs. Lorena A. Aliperio. The parade was joined by CES pupils, various volunteers, concerned donors and of course, CES Teachers. The parade showcased the official start of Brigada Eskwela and hoped to gather attention so interested parties could participate.

After the parade, the participants headed back to the school for a Wellness Program under the leadership of CES parents, Mrs. Gina Labro and Mrs. Aracelli Tapalla. The program aimed to energize the participants and provide warm-up for the long day of cleaning and preparing classrooms.

For the program proper, the opening ceremony was conducted by Mrs. Rowena H. Cabural and Esmail C. Gabriel who led the audience for a solemn prayer in both Christian and Muslim versions. The singing of Philippine National Anthem was then headed by Mrs. Julieta T. Ballester.

Mrs. Genalin S. Ong was next in addressing the crowd for her opening remarks. She extended her gratefulness in having the volunteers in the program and that it showed how much the community places so much value in the learners’ education. She remarked on every stakeholders’ support since the start of giving away solicitation letter up until the actual program.

Next was the presentation of the stakeholders’ announced by Mrs. Lorena A. Aliperio. The stakeholders’ presents in the event were Jollibee, Bridge Foundation Builders and Barangay Captains of the community. Each stakeholder’s showcased their donated supplies that would be given to the school and the learners.

This was then followed by the actual turn-over of the donated materials with the presence of Mrs. Genalin S. Ong and Elrick L. Cacayurin. Jollibee donated various cleaning supplies that would be of great help to the maintenance of the school’s cleaniness. Brigada Foundation Builders also gave away school materials to its beneficiaries. Each pupil was also able to secure individual school supplies that they could use for the opening of classes.

After the distribution of donated materials, CES pupils awed the audience with their performances. The practice that went into preparing the intermission numbers wished to reach the hearts of the kind hearted stakeholders’ who demonstrated concern for the pupils’ state of education.

Mr. Elrick L. Cacayurin ended the program by giving his closing remarks. He thanked the participants for valuing the importance of Brigada Eswela. He emphasized the benefits that the school community could gain by having volunteers and receiving donations from the stakeholders’. He also announced the ‘Gupitang Bayan’ where everyone could get their  hair cut for free.

After the program, interested participants went to the 2nd Floor of the school with their coupons for the free haircut. The learners lined up enthusiastically as the barbers meticulously cut their hairs. Even the parents were able to participate in the ‘Gupitang Bayan’.

For the rest of the afternoons, CES teachers and volunteers went to each classroom to help prepare it. Teachers were able to paint their classroom chairs while volunteers help transferring objects from the old building to the new building. Indeed, the first day was successful by seeing to it that each member of the community take a role for the improvement of the school.