“True public safety requires a collaboration between law enforcement and the community.” said Betsy Hodges. In today’s society where danger comes in all forms, it is important that pupils, parents and teachers alike learn First Aid and Basic Life Support. With this, Cuneta Elementary School held its first Red Cross Training on May 29, 2018 at the new CES Building. The said event was headed by Red Cross Youth Advisers Mr. Jonas S. Oja and Co-Adviser Ms. Acrima S. Labay with the support of the current school head, Mrs. Genalin S. Ong. Since the school is currently on its weeklong celebration of Brigada Eskwela 2018, the training aims to prepare the community for the incoming school year, not only in terms of learning environment but also the skills they would need in the future.

The event started with preliminary activities such as Prayer and singing of a Nationalistic Song through a video presentation. Mrs. Genalin S. Ong then proceeded to address the audience of pupils, teachers, parents and interested members of the community who want to learn First Aid. She stressed the importance of attending the training because it would surely prove to be useful skills that everyone could use at one point in time.

Next on the stage was the current school nurse, Ms. Esnairah T. Diamla who gave a comprehensive discussion regarding the issues surrounding AIDS and HIV. This was a necessary orientation to the pupils who are coming of age and would need to be aware of the consequences regarding sexually transmitted disorders. She explained the impact of the virus in human’s immune system and the different ways it could be contracted.

After the short discussion on AIDS and HIV, the seminar proceeded to the First Aid Training and Basic Life Support by Ms. Shara Mae Anceo from the Philippine Red Cross-Pasay Chapter. She stared the training by defining what First Aid really means and how it could be one day be the difference between life and death. She then proceeded to list down basic First Aid that could be given to any dire situation as well as the technical process of introducing one self during an emergency situation where a First Aider is required.

For the actual training, she bought out a dummy doll to demonstrate how CPR is administered. She went through the step by step process, the count and techniques to ensure that a First Aider is properly delivering CPR. The audience was also given opportunities to show cased what they have learned by trying it by themselves through the careful guidance of Ms. Anceo.

The event ended with a closing remark from RCY Adviser, Mr. Oja. He encouraged the participants to place value on being a Red Cross member because it is a privileged status that one could benefit from in so many ways including being able to lend a hand to help people. After the closing remarks, certificates of recognition were given to the speakers with the presence of Mrs. Ma. Cynthia D. Baido, Master Teacher and Brigada Eskwela 2018 Chairperson, Mr. Elrick L. Cacayurin. This was to show CES’ gratefulness in having an opportunity for not only the learners but also to the community in acquiring another set of helpful skills.

For the rest of the afternoon, Brigada Eskwela went on to another set of cleaning and repairing. The black boards were also put by the carpenters present in the school while each classroom continued to be organized and repaired by CES teachers, GPTA Officers and Barangay 77 Officials.

The afternoon focused on the pruning of trees and gardening which would help secure a nature-friendly environment for the learners. These plants were transferred to the new building with the help of the volunteers.